State Required Officers:

President: Sherri Wall 

Vic- President: Ken Thompson

Treasure: Carol Dzimitrowicz

Co-Secretary: Darrell Bourne (On Record)

Co-Secretary:Lara Weisensel ( Board Notes)

Board Members:

Chairmen of the Board: Tim Palmer

Board Member: Shawn Crites

Board Member:  TJ Brado

Board Member:  Terri Thompson


Worship Team:


Leaders and Singers:

Ken Thompson and Derek Wells



Kaitlin Wells

Shawn Crites

Vicky Thomas



Part-time Drums: Jon Wall

Part-time guitarist: Christian Arnold

Part-time guitarist: Louis Ante 

Part-time kazooist: Shawn Crites

Part-time pianist: Sherri Wall

Part-time pianist: Carol Hughes

Children's Church:


Haley Holland


The Little Landers

Billie Kassell


Middle Landers

Diane Cryer

Our Team:


Sherri Wall:

Sherri Wall is a founding member of TLC. She is a beloved mother and grandmother. Sherri, by trade is an economics professor currently on assignment at Emporia State University. She is dedicated to The Little Landers Children Church. Sherri also plays piano on the worship team when available.


Ken Thompson:

Ken Thompson is a long-time member of TLC.  Ken is a retired Xray tech, who is now a landlord. He is a wonderful bass player. Ken puts down his bass guitar and picks up his electric or acoustic guitar to takes turns leading worship on Sundays 


Carol Dzimitrowicz:

Carol Dzimitrowicz is a dedicated member of The Landing Church. She chauffeurs children to and from school. Carol keeps a tight ship when it comes to church finances, and helps us keeps fiscally responsible. 


Darrell Bourne:

Darrell Bourne is passionate for the loss. He is involved in Alpha House, a recovery ministries, with his wife Debbie. He is the on record TLC Secretary.  By trade Darrell is in construction, in family business. He loves one on one personal interactions that leads others to conversations about christ.


Lara Weisensel: 

Lara Weisensel was looking for away to help our church. She committed to taking notes at our board meetings. Lara and her family raises goats and have been known to visit Denali Center with their baby goals in the spring. 


Board Members:


Tim Palmer:

Tim Palmer is faithful member of our church. By trade, he is the Production Director at iHeartMedia Inc. Fairbanks, a local radio station. Tim  wears several hats at The Landing Church, roadie, sound man, announcer, guest speaker, scheduler and chairmen of the board all done with a light-heart and occasional joke. 



Shawn Crites

Shawn Crites is long standing Christian in the community and our church. By trade 


TJ Brado:

TJ Brado 

By trade TJ is the Alaska DEC Environmental Program Manager for the Fairbanks area



Terri Thompson:

Terri Thompson is a long-time member of TLC. She is a retired school teacher from the FNSBSD.



Derek Wells:

Derek Wells

Haley Holland:

Haley Holland


Billie Kassell:

Billie Kassell


Diane Cryer:

Diane Cryer

Guest Speakers

Shawn Arnold

TJ Brad (See above)

Shawn Crites (See above) 

Douglas Graham

Jeff Howe

Jason Kempthorne

Kevin Lankford


Tim Palmer (See above)

Darci Scherzer

James Thomas

Sherri Wall (See above)

Derek Wells (See above)

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