Our Staff

Our People


Sherri Wall (Acting President):

Sherri is a founding member of TLC. She also plays piano on the worship team when available.


Ken Thompson (Vis-President):

Ken is a long-time member of TLC.  He is a wonderful bass player. 

Jessica Kerr:

Jessica  takes our board notes as the Co-TLC Secretary. She is also part of our worship team. 


Tim Palmer:

Tim wears several hats at The Landing Church, roadie, sound man, announcer, guest speaker, scheduler and chairmen of the board all done with a light-heart and occasional joke.  


Terri Thompson:

Terri helps with media on Sunday mornings and is on the board of TLC. 

Kevin Abnett:

Kevin Abnett is our beloved tech support and in charge of streaming Sunday's messages.  He is an integral part of the Alpha House Ministries in the Fairbanks area along with Darci and many others. Alpha House Ministries is a recovery Program.


Haley Holland:

Haley Holland is a devoted mother and wife. She is an amazing person who loves God and family.