Missions at TLC


Jesus spent his ministry serving and healing those whose treasure was not in this world. His life was an example of how we should serve those around us.  The Great Commission is filled with verbs, commanding action.  In that spirit, we want The Landing Church to be a community of “goers” and “doers” ministering to the marginalized. We may be the only “bible” some ever read, so let us be good and faithful servants for the kingdom and spread the good news of Christ by our actions. The first step doesn’t have to be huge; it just has to be forward. Pray, go and do.  For more information on missions contact Billie Kassel email.

Here's a list of some of the local organizations we support:

Angels in Motion (Fairbanks)

  Volunteer Coordinator: Billie Kassel email

  AiM is a christian organization that helps the homeless and downtrodden by providing them with food and clothes. 

CareNet Pregnancy Center of Tanana Valley- web site

   Volunteer Contact: Shelissa Thomas, (907) 455-8255, email 

   CareNet is the crisis pregnancy center in Fairbanks.  They offer abortion alternatives to at risk moms to be and      

   promote life while helping women navigate crisis pregnancies.

Fairbanks Community Food Bank- web site

  Volunteer Contact: Elizabeth Sjoblom (907) 457-4273, email

  Founded in 1982, the Fairbanks Community Food Bank collects and redistributes donated food to individuals and

  agencies. There are many opportunities for families and children to serve in this ministry.

Fairbanks Rescue Mission- web site

   Volunteer Coordinator: Brenda McFarland, (907) 452-5343, email

   Fairbanks Rescue Mission is an organization that provides food, shelter and so much more for individuals and families            who find themselves without a home.

Fairbanks Youth Advocates- web site

   Volunteer Coordinator: Laquawna Baker, (907) 374-5678, email

   FYA is a Christian youth and teen homeless shelter offering a safe place for ages 12-18.

Joel’s Place- web site

   Volunteer Contact: James or Kelli at (907) 452-2621

   Joel’s Place is a faith based Indoor Skate Park and Youth Center located in Fairbanks. Their mission is to provide        

   creative, adventurous, adrenalin seeking youth a good and positive outlet for their energy. 


Stone Soup Café- web site

   Volunteer Contact: Office (907) 452-1974.

   The Bread Line’s Stone Soup Cafe provides hot breakfast and sack lunch to Fairbanks North Star Borough residents

   who would not otherwise have food to eat.

Young Life- Web Site

  Volunteer Contact: Area Director: Andrew "Coop" Cooper (907) 456-7026

  Young Life Fairbanks has a simple mission: to go where kids are, share the love of Christ with them, and help them

  grow in their faith.


Here's a list of some of our Global Partners:


Tom and Connie Robinson: Burma - Email: Tom   or Connie 

Tom and Connie are members of The Landing Church and have been missionaries in Thailand/Burma for many years. They work with an under-reached group (The Wa people of Burma) and also help support several different Christian youth hostels which house children of remote Thailand so that the children can become educated. They partner with local Pastors and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) to develop these relationships and show Christ to the people of Burma.  Tom has helped organize medical, dental, and evangelical missions as well as organized two amputee clinics over the past four years for the Burmese people. He arranges and provides transportation and payment for life saving medical treatment for people from Burma who otherwise would have little chance of survival.  Through all of this, Christ is glorified and many have come to know Jesus because of Tom and Connie.  Currently, their requests are for prayer support and financial support for their mission.  Please contact Danny Bramer to learn more about how you can help.


Partners for Relief and Development- Thailand/Burma- web site

Partners is a Christian relief and development organization started by Steve Gumaer in 1995 with a vision of free, full lives for children affected by conflict and oppression.  Steve is a founding Elder of The Landing Church.  Their work involves joining hands with locals to seek community-based solutions that strengthen families, meet needs in times of acute crisis and create nurturing environments that allow children to reach their full potential.  Partners actively works to prevent children from being trafficked in communities affected by conflict while demonstrating God’s love to this vulnerable population. Current needs are for prayer and financial support.


Earth Missions- Burma/Thailand/Pakistan- web site

Earth Mission is a non-profit organization committed to meeting the physical needs of people worldwide as a reflection of their Christian beliefs. They seek to provide technological and medical solutions that are efficient, culturally sensitive, practical, and permanent. Earth Mission works to empower nationals to care for their own needs.  They have been instrumental in developing and supporting the Jungle School of Medicine Kawthoolei in Burma, the Gilgit Eye Hospital in Pakistan and developing the Pakistan Micro Finance and Housing Project to improve the lives of poor and marginalized families.  Their vision for the future includes developing a University level training program that will train Burmese nationals in medicine, agriculture, Information Technology, English, and engineering. Current needs are for prayer and financial support.


GO International - Multiple Countries- www.gointernational.org Go International is a Christian NGO with the mission of mobilizing followers of Jesus Christ to develop and pursue their passion for fulfilling the Great Commission.  They are a developmental based organization and every mission is a teaching mission. One of the primary functions of GO is the organization and leadership of short term mission teams in conjunction with international partners.  People who travel with GO get a chance to participate in evangelism outreach, construction projects, medical missions, children’s ministry, pastoral and leadership training, church planting and various economic development projects, which include feeding programs, sewing classes and water projects. Current needs are for prayer and participation.


La Cima World Missions- Multiple Countries- www.lacimaworldmissions.org La Cima’s mission is to spread the gospel to the poor, the widowed, the orphaned and the lost.  They partner with missionaries, other NGOs, clinics, and hospitals that can benefit from the services provided by medical and dental teams, yet may not have the time nor expertise to deal with the logistical demands of planning and coordinating such teams.  Non-medical personnel engage in evangelism, community building and many other development activities during short term mission trips. Current needs are for prayer and participation.


Free Burma Rangers- Burma- web site

The Free Burma Rangers (FBR) is a multi-ethnic humanitarian service movement. They bring help, hope and love to people in the war zones of Burma. Ethnic pro-democracy groups send teams to FBR to be trained, supplied and sent into the areas under attack to provide emergency medical care, shelter, food, clothing and human rights documentation. The teams also operate a communication and information network inside Burma that provides real time information from areas under attack. Current needs are for prayer and financial support.




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